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Technosetbee Q8 - Queen Mating Nucleus



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A marvel of engineering!

The queen breeding “machine” is here to boost efficiency and productivity. One batch of eight mated queens can pay for the initial investment. With a design life of 30 years, the Q8 is an excellent investment and a great profit winner for any queen breeder.

The Q8 is comprised of 8 independent chambers ready to receive a mature queen cell on a Tri-fold frame. These chambers are incorporated in a full depth brood box. Manufactured from twin-wall food grade polypropylene with 15mm EPS insulation fitted. The Q8 is supplied as a complete kit and is fully assembled with a vented floor, latches and roof.

The unique full depth Tri-fold frame unfolds to a standard size Langstroth frame. Provision is made for 2 wires to secure the comb foundation in each of the 3 sections. When the comb is drawn and is full of brood and supplies, the frame can be removed from the hive with all the bees attached, unclicked and folded to make 3 small frrames, then transferred to one compartment of the Q8 nucleus hive for mating queens or raising new colonies. The common procedure is to insert a queen cell that is ready to emerge into each chamber.

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For live bee demo video CLICK HERE

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Plastic foundation can also be used. Cut to size and attach it to the frame with the stainless steel screws that come with the Q8. We can supply sets of 24 panels already pre-cut, shaped and drilled. See below.

Three 3mm removable dividers on each side allow you to choose how many frames you want in each hive space. Easy to overwinter mated queens and supply your nucs in early spring. Some areas will be OK with just 2 frames together over winter (four hives per Q8), others will need 4 (two hives per Q8). Even with all the dividers installed, the bees share each others warmth to increase efficiencies.

There are 8 independent top feeders for solid and liquid feed supplements. They incorporate a vent to prevent condensation and all fit neatly inside the vented roof. Each feeder can hold up to 400ml of syrup plus a protein supplement.

Separate entrances with colored landing boards are used to avoid drifting between each chamber. Queen excluders are included, and can be fitted to the entry to prevent accidental contact with other mated queens. They will also stop any wasp entry.

Flip-up the landing boards (locking position) to lock the bees in for safe transportation.

The Technosetbee package includes:

  • Vented floor,
  • FD brood box with all the internal dividers
  • 7 side entries and two floor entries. (One front chamber has two entries)
  • 7 queen excluders / wasp guards
  • 8 Tri-fold frames
  • 8 Dual feeders
  • Vented roof.
  • 2 pairs of connector latches

Outer dimensions (excluding the latch): 560mm x 435mm x 415mm high.

Weight:15.4 Kg.  10 year warranty.

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