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Q8 Plastic foundation



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Pre-cut foundation to suit eight trifold frames from the Q8 Queen Mating Nuc.

The 24 panels are cut to suit the frame shapes. 8 of the frames have one corner cut off - these pieces are for the middle section of the frames. Screws will come with the Q8 to attach the plastic foundation to the frames. To attach the plastic foundation to the frames lie a piece of foundation on the ledge of a section - the ledge on one side of each section is deeper than the other - make sure the foundation is put on the deeper side to the ledge. Now turn the frame over and rest the foundation on a small block that pushes it up against the ledge. Get a screw with the appropriate screwdriver and put it through one of the holes on the frame so that the end of it is touching the plastic foundation. Start turning the screw while applying pressure from underneath with the small block. The screw should catch on to the plastic. Be sure to stop soon after it has catched onto the plastic so that it doesn't tighten too much and strip the plastic. Complete the screw process for each hole then for each section and frame.

You end up with a good quality frame that is robust.

The plastic foundation will need to be coated with molten beeswax before the bees will draw it out properly.



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