Technosetbee Full Depth Brood Box


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This is the standard full depth brood box in tough plastic!

Manufactured from twin-wall food grade polypropylene with 15mm EPS insulation fitted. This triple-layer combination offers far better thermal insulation for the colony to work and thrive unobstructed in all weather extremes. In Technosetbee hives, worker bees are constantly gathering nectar and pollen instead of consuming stored honey for cooling or warming up the hive. This behaviour results in more brood production and bigger yields of stored honey after every nectar flow, benefiting both beekeepers and bees.

Supplied ready to use and completely non-toxic to bees. With a life expectancy of over 30 years, these products save the beekeeper a lot of time and money. No assembly, paint or preservatives are required. They won’t rot, warp or split.

To prevent drifting between beehives, a nice range of colour options are available in Blue, White, Yellow & Green. For large indent orders, the boxes can be ordered with the botton half a different colour to the top.

Can be used on any standard 10 frame Langstroth bee hive.

Optional connector latches are available if required - you can purchase them here. Screw holes are pre-drilled to suit.

For dimensions please look at the Sizing Chart

10 year warranty.

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Technosetbee Full Depth Brood Box
Technosetbee Full Depth Brood Box
Technosetbee Full Depth Brood Box
Technosetbee Full Depth Brood Box