Accessories for the Hivemaster Base


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Accessories available for Hivemaster base include:

Coreflute Mouse guard: 

Entrance reducer for the Hivemaster floors

These are included with the floor but if you have lost yours or want spare, get them now!

Also work well on a lot of other wooden bases

Coreflute Vent Blocker:

This is for covering up the mesh to stop any ventilation going through the bottom of the floor.

Often used in climates with harsh winters.

Coreflute Wasp Guard Plate:

This plate slides in on specially designed ridge to suit.

It restricts the entrance to a small opening directly under the brood nest.

It creates a tunnel entrance and also better defense - both things wasp's don't like.

It also has an optional entrance reducer fitted to reduce the entrance to about 3-4 bees wide

Galv Mouse guard Plate:

An entry reducer made from galvanized steel to stop mice and also help the hive defend against unwanted predators.


The floor is not included in any of these options

Accessories for the Hivemaster Base
Accessories for the Hivemaster Base
Accessories for the Hivemaster Base