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WSP Manley Frame with 43mm End Bar fitted with Plastic Foundation



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Comes fully assembled. Excellent for honey production.

The WSP frame has end bars that are 183mm long and are popular in Australia.They also suit the 3/4 depth Technoset Supers perfectly.

The plastic foundation provides a tough base for the drawn comb and will withstand rigorous treatment when going through honey extraction facilities.

Made from High Density Russian Pine, they are very strong and will last for many years.

The top bar is secured with four 32mm staples at the top and a 20mm staple on each end.The bottom bars have a machined groove to locate the foundation and are secured with 32mm staples.

A registration number can be hot branded onto the top bar with 20mm lettering on indent orders in pallet quantities. 512 frames on a pallet.



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