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Technosetbee Queen Excluder with top entry



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This excluder incorporates an innovative entrance 120mm wide with a landing board and allows the field bees direct access to the honey supers. They will gather more nectar if they don't have to go through the excluder and brood nest to exit the hive. The excluder mesh is a semi-square profile which makes it easier for the bees to get a grip and pull themselves through as compared to the metal mesh excluders.

The excluder comes with an entry guard included. If required, it can be fitted vertically to guard against wasps or inserted horizontally to block the entry when the bee hive is shifted.

Can be used on any standard 10 frame Langstroth bee hive.

Weight: 0.4 Kg

Top quality food-grade polypropylene construction.

Dimensions: 510mm x 413mm. Rim thickness: 10mm

Please note:- Stock colours may be different to the photos shown.



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