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Technosetbee Bee Escape Board (Twin Valve)



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This Bee Escape board is an excellent way to clear out the honey super before the harvest. Place the board between the brood chamber and honey super.  Allow up to 24 hours for bees to vacate and then remove.

Ensure the worker bees have some empty space to move into.

This escape board can be used on standard wooden supers as well. 

A very small chip of wood may need to be removed in two places on some Supers to locate over the top spigots. See measurements in the image.


- Two valves with 4 outlets in each for increased performance and safety.

- Very unlikely to block.

- Very sturdy long-life construction.

- Weight:1.39 Kg

Manufactured from high quality food grade polypropylene. 

Please note:- Stock colours may be different to the photos shown.



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