Technosetbee 3x3 Frame 3/4 Depth Nucleus Beehive.



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This ia an excellent package for Mating queens or maximising the number of splits from a 3/4 depth brood box. Just need to add your frames* of bees. When the first box is full of bees, another brood box with frames and divider boards can be added if desired. See other listings for the extra items. The entrance for the middle 3 frames is at the top on the feeder. This can be located at the front of the hive or at the back.

This package includes:-

  • Vented floor
  • Pair of nucleus entry guards
  • 3/4 Depth Brood Box with slots
  • 2 x Vertical Divider Boards
  • Three top feeders
  • Insulated roof
  • Locater dowels
  • *9 x Russian Pine Frames fitted with MB Foundation - ONLY IF SELECTED ABOVE

Manufactured from high quality food grade polypropylene. 

10 year warranty.

Please note:- Stock colours may be different to the photos shown. Please specify the preferred colours of the brood boxes when ordering. Yellow, Blue, Green & White are the standard colours. 

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