Russian Pine FD Box with Waxed Frames


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Russian Pine Full Depth Box with assembled Wooden Frames:

This listing is for:-

  • 1 x Russian Pine Full Depth Box. Standard grade.
  • 10 x Full Depth Russian Pine Frames with 33mm end bars and grooved bottom bars.
  • 10 x sheets of Medium Brood 212 Beeswax Foundation, fitted to the frames.

A jumbo box gives the queen the ideal size for the brood chamber - all in 1 box. A second box is not required. It means that to carry out a thorough brood check for disease or swarm control, you only have to check 10 frames. The bee numbers build up very quickly and they can produce a large honey crop.

The box is screwed together with 24 stainless steel screws and will require painting or some form of weather protection. Russian Pine is very slow growing so the growth rings are close together to make a denser and more stable material for beehives.These boxes are excellent quality and have rounded outer edges on the front and back plates. This makes it easier to paint and it sheds the rain better.

Timber thickness of the box is 20mm.

Approximate internal dimensions of the box: 365mm x 465mm x 240mm high.