1kg Pure Raw Beeswax


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Pure, Raw NZ beeswax straight from the hive.

Our raw beeswax is melted down into blocks and sold per kg.  

Our beeswax is sourced primarily from honey comb wax cappings during extraction process. This ensures ultimate quality. 

Please note: The colour of the wax can vary slightly, depending on what the bees have been foraging on. 

Some rendered blocks of wax may have a very small amount of dross at the bottom (All natural!) 

We supply beeswax at competitive wholesale prices. 

Melt it down safely and quickly with our Wax Melter Pot

What Can I Use Raw Beeswax For?

Beeswax is a versatile product with a variety of environmental and health benefits. Some of the most common uses include: 

  • Candles

  • Sustainable reusable food wraps

  • Polishing surfaces

  • Lubricating carpentry

  • Rust coating prevention

  • Cheese wax

  • Cosmetic products

    including lip balms,
    body butters,
    hair wax,
    and much more!

What are the Benefits of Using Pure Beeswax?

  • Antibacterial properties, 

  • Soothing properties (especially for sensitive skin),

  • Can help soothe inflammation,

  • Moisturising properties,

  • Smokeless burn on candles making them safer for use,

  • Offers a wide range of eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to many common products

How Should I Store My Beeswax?

Raw beeswax will remain solid at room temperature and does not spoil. It should be kept at a moderate temperature and can be covered with cloth or wrap to ensure it doesn’t become dirty or dusty.  

If your wax is exposed to colder temps it may develop a powdery coating or outer layer. This can easily be removed by heating the outer layer of the wax and wiping the coating away.  

Bulk buy your raw beeswax blocks from Beequip today.  
Order the desired quantity online now and have it shipped direct to your door! 

1kg Pure Raw Beeswax
1kg Pure Raw Beeswax