Mini Thermal Fogger for Varroa Control


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Mini Thermal Fogger for Varroa Control

Takes Butane cartridges.  (Extra) With detergent tank for cleaning the heat exchanger.

Use it to fog your hives with mineral oil. The oil covers the mites, stops them breathing and suffocates them but hardly has any effect on the bees.

Compact, low weight and very quiet.

Very small particle emissions (fog) for maximum penetration and coverage.

Add mineral oil to the chemical tank - Buy Here
Add detergent to the small cleanser tank.
A small LPG jet burner heats the metal coil to produce the fog emissions when the pump handle is activated.
When finished, turn knob to the cleaner setting and pump some detergent through the heater coil to remove any residues.

Oxalic acid mixed with alcohol has also be used in a similar manner for varroa control. Be very weary of flammable gases if this method is used.

Thermal Foggers can also be used for insect pest control. An insecticide along with a fogging agent (carrier) is used to kill insects. 

The Butane cartridges are not included, but are readily available from most department stores and at The Warehouse.

- Piezo ignition (no batteries required)
- 2 litre Tank
- 200ml water/detergent tank
- 1.8kg Net Weight
- Dimensions: Approx. 450mm x 180mm x 345mm high