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Large Rectangle Comb Honey Container with Lids.



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Large transparent honey container with lids. Total size 141mm x 99mm x 43mm high.

Honey capacity approx. 450g.

Thin Super beeswax foundation is required. 132mm x 89mm. Click here to order. They need to be lightly melted on 2 edges to secure. Alternatively heat up some pure beeswax in a slow cooker or a crock pot and a apply a thin bead of molten wax on the edges.

6 of these fit into a special full depth frame. Click here to order.

The bees make the natural comb honey in the same container that it is sold in. Simply add a cap top and bottom, apply sticky label to seal and it is ready to sell. No mess or cutting required.

The first 3 photos show the product for sale. The other photos show some samples we used last Autumn after the main honey flow. It took a while for the bees to build it out and hence the yellow travel stain. The samples were not transparent like the products we are now selling.

Caution! Do not use these frames in areas where the bees could collect poisonous Tutin during the months of January to May. For more info, click on the links below.

Tutu plant info

Tutin regulations



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