Hivemaster 60 Drip Tray Pallet.


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Hivemaster 60 Drip Tray Pallet
With base vents / plugs to enable rapid and even heating and better dehumidification.
Space between rows to allow full mechanical loading and unloading.
Centre Recess for a 45mm spacer plank to enable easy shrink wrapping.
3 pallets fit perfectly across a 2.5m wide truck deck.
Honey Super locator lugs.
The lugs lock pallets together when stacked out of season.
Made from tough food-grade Polythylene.
Load rating: 800kg
Dimensions: 1080mm x 820mm x 195mm
Weight: 17kg
Hivemaster 60 Drip Tray Pallet.
Hivemaster 60 Drip Tray Pallet.