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Beehive Galv Roof 0.55mm - Sprung ends & 1 grip

Beehive Galv Roof 0.55mm - Sprung ends & 1 grip



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Beehive lid (or roof).

Made from top quality NZ galvanised steel. Hand grip edge at one end. Ideal when placing hives back to back on pallets.

We highly recommend that these roofs are purchased with the an insulation poly liner. The high density polystyrene:-

  • reduces condensation on the hive mats
  • keeps the hive warmer in the winter
  • keeps the hive cooler in the summer
  • allows the roofs to stack and transport much more efficiently

We do not recommend that the poly liner is glued to the roof. It is better to let it stick to the hive mat if it wants to.

Internal dimensions are 409 x 515 x 81 mm
Weight:- 1.84 Kg

Choose between:-

  • Loose Poly Liner included
  • No Poly Liner



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