Bayvarol Strips


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Sold in Pack of 20 strips .

1 Pack contains 5 sachets of 4 strips.

1 Carton contains 200 sachets of 4 strips

For large orders, please email Russell for a sharp price.
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1 sachet treats 1 x 10 frame brood box.

- Highly effective for controlling Varroa mites.

- easy to use strips

- safe for the beekeeper

- Large contact area

- very little effect on beeswax, propolis and comb honey and bees

Not recommended for use when honey supers are fitted to the beehive.

PLEASE NOTE: Carton lots may take 2-3 working days to dispatch - call us if you want to know exactly when. We will endeavour to get them out you as soon as possible.


Bayvarol Strips
Bayvarol Strips