Full Depth 2x5 Frame Nucleus Kit


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Convert a full depth brood box in the most efficient way to start nucleus hives.

In a hurry to split hives? Fit the kit to a single brood box and come back 3 days later to see which side has no eggs. Scrape off any queen cells and insert a new caged queen. Alternatively, a queen cell can be added with a queen almost ready to emerge.

Nucs of this size require a lot less care and attention than smaller ones. During winter, the hives can share the warmth generated within the brood box.

In the case of a lost queen, the divider can be removed and the two colonies united.

Check out the VIDEO HERE

Each feeder has a compartment with a lid for feeding pollen patties or protein supplements. The bees can only access the syrup in a narrow passage to prevent drowning. The feeders have vents to allow damp air to disperse through the vents in the Technosetbee roof.

To refill the feeders, simply lift the roof and top up without any disturbance to the bees. Alternatively, two feeder valve can be fitted to the roof to avoid even lifting the roof when topping up the syrup.

This is an add-on kit for fitting to a beehive. Order beehives separately if required.

Technosetbee kit contains:

  • 2 Top inner feeders with dual compartments
  • 1 Vertical divider
  • 2 Independent entrance reducers with sliding door

Manufactured from high quality food grade polypropylene. Weight:1.9 Kg

Please note:- Stock colours may be different to the photo shown.

Full Depth 2x5 Frame Nucleus Kit
Full Depth 2x5 Frame Nucleus Kit