#322d Russian Pine Beehive Package - Wax Dipped


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Consists of:

Technosetbee Anti-Varroa Vented Floor

Technosetbee Standard Entry Guards

Technosetbee Queen Excluder with top entry

5.3 litre Ultra Feeder  

Technosetbee Roof

3 x 3/4 depth RP Box - assembled. Microcrystalline dipped*

30 x 3/4 depth Russian Pine Frames with Medium Brood Wax Foundation fitted.

Heavy Duty Emlock Strapper with 5m of galvanised strap.

The box has been assembled with 20 stainless steel screws then dipped in hot Microcrystalline wax for 7 minutes to preserve the timber for a long life outside.

*Microcrystalline is similar to Paraffin Wax but is a higher quality and has a melting point of 80 degrees. Paraffin Wax has been commonly used for beehive boxes but it will melt at 60 degrees and can leach out of the timber boxes on a hot summer day. This will leave them susceptible to rotting!

No bees.

#322d Russian Pine Beehive Package - Wax Dipped
#322d Russian Pine Beehive Package - Wax Dipped