#25d Full Depth Russian Pine Package - dipped


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This complete beehive package includes the following: - Technosetbee Anti-Varroa Vented Floor - Technosetbee Standard Entry Guards - Hive Mat - Galvanized Beehive Roof - 1 x Russian Pine Brood Box. Assembled. Microcrystalline Dipped** - 10 x Full Depth Russian Pine Frames with Medium Brood Wax Foundation fitted. - Heavy Duty Emlock Strapper with 5m of galvanised strap. The box has been assembled with 24 stainless steel screws then dipped in hot Microcrystalline for 9 to 10 minutes to preserve the timber for a long life outside. Microcrystalline is similar to Paraffin Wax but is a higher quality and has a melting point of 80 degrees. Paraffin Wax has been commonly used for beehive boxes but it will melt at 60 degrees and can leach out of the timber boxes on a hot summer day. This will leave them susceptible to rotting! (No bees)

#25d Full Depth Russian Pine Package - dipped
#25d Full Depth Russian Pine Package - dipped