Beequip Tank 500


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These new 500 litre Slimline Tanks are a must have for any beekeeper doing a sugar feeding. Its features make it incredibly convenient and very useful without getting in the way. These features include:

•  Tank Dimensions: 1700mm wide, 1150mm high with lid, 400mm deep.
•  With connections for petrol pump: 1845 mm wide.
•  Overall width including Honda pump frame: 1880mm wide.
•  The filler cap has a breather valve and is bee proof.
•  The tanks stack together and can be interconnected.
• The tank has three surge baffles and is very stable on uneven ground when ¾ full.
• Mixer jets are fitted to the tanks

3 Options Available for the bare tank are:

Bare tank with 4 threaded outlets 

Bare tank with 4 threaded outlets and level indicator tube

Bare tank with 4 threaded outlets and level indicator tube and 25mm ball valve fitted for gravity feeding.


Allow 1 - 2 Weeks lead time. Call us if you are Urgent.