Deluxe Beekeeper Starter Package


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This is the complete package that will help make the start of your beekeeping journey very comfortable

This package includes:
2 x Hive Tools
1 x Pair of Gumboots
1 x Technoset Bee Brush
1 x 3 layer Ventilated bee suit
1 x 230 volt Electric Uncapping Knife
1 x Double layer stainless steel honey sieve
1 x Manual 2 frame honey extractor
2 x pairs of long Ventilated leather bee gloves
1 x Practical Beekeeping in NZ Book
1 x Smoker 28cm (slightly different to what is shown in the photo)
1 x Beehive Package 16 which includes:
- Technoset roof
- 3 sets of latches
- 4 litre Technoset Top Feeder
- Technoset Vented Floor with reversible entry guards
- 20 Frames with Beeswax Foundation fitted
- 2 Plastic Insulated Technoset Full Depth Brood Boxes

Please comment in the Special Instructions box on the cart page as to what size gloves, gumboots and suit you would like. See suit sizing hereSee gumboot sizing here.