Technosetbee Top Feeder - 4 litre


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Technosetbee’s top feeders are praised by beekeepers all around the world for their superior design and robustness.

It fits neatly inside the Technosetbee roof and takes no extra space. A lot of beekeepers around the world leave this top feeder on the beehive all year round. It doubles up as a hive mat and allows damp air to exit up through the vents and out the roof vents.

The bees have a 7mm passage under the white vent covers at each end of the feeder (as shown in the photo below) to take the syrup without drowning.

To refill the feeder, simply lift the roof and top up without any disturbance to the bees. Alternatively, a feeder valve can be fitted to the roof to avoid even lifting the roof.

The centre of the feeder is elevated 18mm to cause all the syrup to flow to a bee space under the cap at either end. This elevation allows space for a protein supplement to be fed to the bees under the feeder if required. Paper pie bags are used very successfully by some beekeepers.

The centre cap can be removed to allow bee access into the top chamber when feeding sugar crystals. This is very important over winter if you need to feed the bees without stimulating the queen to lay eggs. Wet burr comb can also be safely stored in these feeders so the bees can clean it out without any robbing issues. On the next visit, the dry comb is very easy to collect.

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Very happy with this. Works wonderfully and no more drowned bees! - Leanne S

Hi, awesome to deal with these top feeders. makes bee keeping so much easier, you don't have to upset the bee's. it works well thanks - Tinamaree


Can be used on any standard 10 frame Langstroth bee hive.

Manufactured from high quality food grade polypropylene. 

10 year warranty.

Weight: 1.1 Kg.  Height: 53mm

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Technosetbee Top Feeder - 4 litre
Technosetbee Top Feeder - 4 litre
Technosetbee Top Feeder - 4 litre
Technosetbee Top Feeder - 4 litre
Technosetbee Top Feeder - 4 litre
Technosetbee Top Feeder - 4 litre